Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A Great Weight Has Been Lifted!!!!!!!!

At last! I finally after a couple months of searching have finally found a place to live, and not a moment too soon! Considereing I have to be out of my place thursday, I would say that Tuesday is about as close as you want to cut it. So the good news is now I don't have to go job hunting again. The bad news is, how the hell am I going to move in one day? Well I'll figure it out I guess.

Now in the grand scheme of things the irony of the situation is great! I ended up getting a place in the original apartment complex that said I wasn't good enough to live there because some computer compared me to a national average or some bullshit like that. The company that runs the apartments, Southern Managment, has a bunch of different places in DC and southern MD. Now what happened is the company was losing mucho revenue because people weren't paying rent and skipping out on leases and so forth, so basically they would spend more money trying to settle things in small claims cases then they would bring in. Now a lot of these places in DC and in souther MD are lower income housing, so #1 the rent was already dirt cheap and #2 people weren't paying it. So they came out with this crazy ass computer model the "qualify" prospective residents to see if you could pay your rent. You have to love those computer models eh?

Crofton, MD isn't exactly the "low rent district!" In fact the apartment I am moving in backs right up to a private country club. The average price of a 1 bedroom here is over $900 a month and a two bedroom is about $1200. So you can see why a guy like me would get pissed when a computer model decides how much rent I can pay despite the fact that I am a human being with a brain and an ability to budget my money accordingly to make sure ALL of my bills are paid in time. They have removed the human aspect out of things entirely. I just think to sucks to get penalized for someone else's lack of responsibility.

More importantly...the stress is almost completely gone and once I get settled in I can return to my "normal" routine again!

More later folks I gotta do payroll now...


<< *becka* >> said...


have fun moving...


Sara said...

Right awwwwwnnnnnnn Shawn!!!

See ya Saturday!